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Python For The Lab is a collection of resources to help you start using Python for developing solutions in your lab.
From analyzing data collected with your experiments to writing software to control your setup.

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Python-setup.jpg Jan. 20, 2020 How to create a setup file for your project When you develop software, at some point you will want other people to be able to use what you have built. Sometimes it is handy if you can quickly use the code you developed yourself in the past on a new machine or a di Read More
Python for the Lab screenshot Jan. 2, 2020 Website Redesigned and Improved To start a new year, we have decided to give Python for the Lab a complete new look. We hired a very talented designer to work on improving the look and feel of the website. It is incredible how many different details mu Read More
imports-blog-illustration_linkedin.png Oct. 4, 2019 Complete Guide to Imports in Python: Absolute, Relative, and More Importing is not only a matter of using external libraries, but it also allows you to keep your code clean and organized. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss from the very basics of importing to complex topics such Read More

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