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Kick-start your Python development journey by following one of our highly specialized workshops. From introductory to advanced topics, we have you covered

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Python for the Lab

Introductory Course

Learn how to get started with Python to control the devices in your lab.

You will get a custom-built acquisition card and go step by step from writing your first driver to learning about programming patterns to building a GUI.

No special requirements are needed to follow this course, just a basic understanding of programming.

Python for Scientists

Introductory Course

Everything a scientist needs to know to get started with Python

Hands-on course in which you will go from from reading data from a file to generating plots that can be used in a paper.

We cover all the best practices needed to ensure reproducibility, easy sharing of code with colleagues and more.

Advanced Python for the Lab

Advanced Course

Bring your code to the next level, document, distribute, parallelize.

In this workshop your skills will reach new levels. We will focus into advanced topics, including documentation, multi-threading, fast acquisition and more.

You will acquire data from a camera at high frame rates, while you will be able to analyze and stream data to the hard drive in real-time.

This workshop is intended only for people with a solid knowledge of Python, preferably who followed the introductory course.

About our Courses

Increase your Productivity

Learn how to automatize tasks in the lab and the office. Prepare to design out-of-the-box experiments and anlysis.

Tailor Made

We can tailor our courses to your own specific needs. Think about analyzing your data, controlling your own devices.

By Scientists for Scientists

Our courses are designed by scientists, who work in the lab, who publish papers, who understand you.

Reproducible Research

Better code is the first step to reproducible science, learn how you can leverage the available tools.

Reusable Code

Learn how to develop code that can be used by others.


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If you are interested in the courses, or have any doubts, please send us an e-mail to and we will be glad to answer all your questions.

More about the courses

Anywhere in Europe

Python for The Lab courses can be organized anywhere in Europe. If you are a group of at least 5 people who want to follow any of the 3-day workshops, contact us.

We offer special packages for institutions willing to organize workshops for larger groups or that want to combine more than one of the trainings. Contact us at to receive further information.

Outside of Europe?, contact us and we will see what the options are. The main difficulty of organizing workshops in different parts of the world is the time and cost that implies traveling, but we are always open to discussions.

Target audience

Our target audience are young scientists who want to bring their research to the next level. We have organized courses in several universities and companies around Europe. Python for the Lab and Advanced Python for the Lab are targeted towards experimentalists who want to learn how to control their setups. Both courses are hands-on, and by the end, you will have a working program that can be used as a template.

Python for Scientists aims at showing the best practices on how to analyze data. We cover the entire workflow from reading data from the hard drive to generating a plot that can be used in a paper. We will use real data, coming from different open-sourced data sets of papers.